How To Tone Your Arms and Core Without Lifting Any Weights

How To Tone Your Arms and Core Without Lifting Any Weights

Keeping your muscles toned in between workouts can seem like a workout of its own. If you only get a chance to go to the gym a couple times each week, it is especially important to find ways to keep your muscles in shape on your off days. Keeping exercise equipment in your home isn’t always sensible, so it is necessary to know how to tone your arms and core without lifting any weights. Check out these simple exercises you can do at home.

Arm Rolls

Give yourself enough space, and you can do arm rolls anywhere and at any time. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart for stability. Next, extend both of your arms out to either side so your body is shaped like a T or a cross. Rotate your arms at your shoulders to make big and small circles in both directions.

Side Plank

You will strengthen your arms and your core when doing planks. Begin by lying on one side of your body with your arm pressed into the ground, supporting your upper body at about a 90-degree angle. Next, lift your core while keeping your legs extended; your feet will support you. You can stretch your non-supporting arm toward the ceiling to help lift your core as high as it will go.

Plank Sidewalk

Put a twist on the traditional plank exercise to tone your arms and core even more. You will begin in an elevated plank position with your hands and feet on the ground. Take a few steps to one side and then raise the other using the arm and leg that are on the same side of the body in tandem.


Your lower back and glutes receive a workout when you do the Superman exercise. Start by lying on your stomach with your arms and legs stretched out in front and behind you, respectively. Next, you will lift your arms, chest, and legs off the ground while engaging your core. Imagine you are strong and flying through the sky like Superman.

Electric Muscle Stimulation Device

If you are trying to figure out how to tone your arms and core without lifting any weights or taking time for workouts, you can try an EMS arm toner and abs stimulator. A body stimulator sends electric pulses into your skin that tone, tighten, and straighten your body muscles. Get the FLX FITT Body Stimulator in our online shop today!