Reasons To Add Foam Rolling to Your Workout Routine

Reasons To Add Foam Rolling to Your Workout Routine

If you’re always in the gym or out on the trails, then you need to take measures to prepare and cool down your body. Of course, stretching is essential, but you can also incorporate an additional element into your cooldown routine: foam rolling. It’s a simple technique, and all you need for it is a rolled-up foam mat or a foam roller. You lie flat and let the foam roller go up and down your back, neck, and legs. You can do the same for your front side. Believe it or not, many benefits are tied to foam rolling. Here we highlight the main reasons to add foam rolling to your workout routine.

Reduces Soreness and Muscle Pain

Do you suffer from intense soreness after lifting weights? If so, then foam rolling can be wonderful for you. Foam rolling is a great cooldown routine for lifters due to its ability to relieve soreness. If you use your roller after lifting, you can prevent delayed-onset muscle soreness. That comes in especially handy for lifters who feel intense soreness after hard lifting sessions.

Increases Your Flexibility and Range of Motion

Do you want to feel incredibly loose before going on your next run? Then try foam rolling before you head out. You can also find the same benefits from foam rolling after your session. Foam rolling will stretch out your muscles and increase their mobility.

Aids in Relaxation

Many fitness enthusiasts swear by foam rolling because it simply relaxes them—both physically and mentally. The act of working out is stressful on the body; essentially, you’re tearing your muscles and pushing your body to its limit. Not to mention, you’re pouring sweat the entire time!

An ideal cooldown routine not only slows your heart rate but also relaxes you. Plus, the feeling of relaxation can help you break up the tension in your muscles. A quick foam rolling session can help you reset your mind from workout mode to relax mode.

Relieves Back Pain

If you have a lot of tension in your back, foam rolling can help you find relief from the pain. Keep in mind, though, that you should be cautious when using a foam roller on your back. First, turn the roller so that it’s vertical and in line with your spine. Then, slowly roll it from side to side, staying in line with your spine. If you roll horizontally, you can end up arching and straining your back.

As you can see, there are a few essential reasons to add foam rolling to your workout routine. Should you need a foam roller to get started, FLX FITT offers an excellent vibrating massaging foam roller that will provide all the benefits listed above.