Tell-Tale Signs Your Body Needs a Deep Tissue Massage

Tell-Tale Signs Your Body Needs a Deep Tissue Massage

The stress of daily life, whether you work in construction, in customer service, or in an office, takes its toll on your body. You may have accepted chronic pain and discomfort as a part of you, but chiropractic health is linked to your overall well-being, and you deserve to be free of pain. Use these tell-tale signs your body needs a deep tissue massage as a checklist; if you relate to any of them, consider making an appointment with a licensed massage therapist.

A Never-Ending Headache

Have you gotten used to a persistent headache? Constant headaches and tension around the temples aren’t normal, and they often go hand-in-hand with existing feelings of stress. It’s definitely a chicken-and-egg scenario, but whether the stress or the headache came first, don’t ignore either one!

A deep massage of all your body’s tissues, including the neck and scalp, can release the tension that’s stressing your body out. Live a headache-free life and you’ll find that you’re more productive, efficient, and cheerful.

Limited Range of Motion

If you’ve noticed that your shoulders have lost some range of motion, or that bending in a particular direction has become painful, your muscles have likely tightened up. If your neck is so tight that you can barely turn your head from side to side, your shoulders may follow suit. When one muscle group becomes strained, the fascia (connective tissue) around it becomes inflamed and tight.

Your neck and rotator cuffs may need some TLC to ensure that you can reach comfortably and turn your head without strain or discomfort. Deep tissue work will identify pain points and loosen them up to improve your range of motion.

Chronic Poor Posture

Working from a desk all day and sitting in an office chair and gazing into a screen for eight hours can lead to slouching shoulders and a tortoise-like neck. Your core muscles become exhausted from that forward slouch, and they could use a break.

A deep tissue massage will alleviate the tightness in your neck and shoulders and encourage muscle recovery. As those muscle groups relax and the tension releases, activating your core muscles to sit up straight will be much less strenuous. Soon, you’ll be practicing proper posture free of pain!

The Effects of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Related to the above, it’s unhealthy (and ultimately painful) to sit at a desk all day, and then on a couch all evening. When you don’t move around and your body settles into stasis, you lose range of motion and muscle pliability. Deep, full-body tissue work even extends to your forearms, hands, and fingers. If you type all day at work, you may carry excess tension in your hands without realizing it.

After your massage, add more movement to your routine. A little light exercise every hour or two, even if it’s just a leisurely lap around the office, keeps blood flowing through all your muscle groups and encourages flexibility.

Lack of Energy

If you’re feeling sluggish, slow, and even a little depressed, consider how your body feels. Why have you slowed down? Your body may be overworked. A deep tissue massage can increase blood circulation, making you feel more alert. The massage therapist will dig deep into your pain points and the knots in your muscles that are causing you anxiety.

After the massage, you’ll feel that increased circulation and decreased blood pressure, and the excess stress will melt away. Remember: chiropractic health is directly tied to well-being in the rest of your body, including your mental state.

Workout Boredom

On the other end of the spectrum, if you do work out regularly but have grown bored with the routine, tight muscles may be the culprit. A full workout is hard to do if your muscles aren’t prepared for that extra strain.

To give your workouts the boost they need, consider a massage to loosen you up. A massage that reaches deep into your tissues breaks up any lactic acid buildup. After your massage, take a few days to rest your body. Once you’ve recovered, hydrated, and stretched out your muscles, try going back to your old workout routine. You may find it more enjoyable. Keeping your body loose and limber is crucial to strengthening different muscle groups and preventing the buildup of lactic acid.

Recurring Lower Back Pain

Pain and discomfort in the lower back is an extremely common complaint—more people need a deep tissue massage than they may think. When your lower back seizes up in pain, the rest of your body feels residual anguish.

A licensed massage therapist can dig deep into the tissues of your lower back. A vibration therapy gun provides targeted relief in between massage sessions and keeps muscles from tensing up. FLX FITT offers a variety of massage devices to relax muscle groups one at a time. Ignoring the pain won’t make it go away on its own!

Restless Sleep

Chronic body aches and muscle tightness can lead to difficulty sleeping or even outright insomnia. It’s hard for your mind to drift to sleep if your muscles can’t relax. Excess tension from the day can manifest in places like the jaw (are you grinding your teeth in your sleep?) and the shoulders.

A proper deep tissue massage releases a great deal of that tension. Looser muscles make it easier to relax your body as well as your mind. You’ll settle into a deep and restful night’s sleep after your massage.

When Was Your Last One?

Quick: when did you last get a massage? Can’t remember—or the answer is “never?” Book an appointment with a licensed massage therapist ASAP. You may have years’ worth of tension trapped deep in those tissues!

Everyday stresses are often small and manageable, but it’s easy to let them pile up. Before your anguish becomes unbearable, consider seeking chiropractic assistance to release some of that tension and make your body easier to live in. Persistent discomfort isn’t normal. If you have read these tell-tale signs your body needs a deep tissue massage and resonate with many of them, schedule one as soon as you can. You use your body every day—it deserves a tune-up every so often!

Tell-Tale Signs Your Body Needs a Deep Tissue Massage