Ways To Relieve Back Pain and Tightness at Home

Ways To Relieve Back Pain and Tightness at Home

Back pain can ruin your day. An achy back is enough to turn you into a different person. If you’re trying to avoid seeing a doctor, check out ways to relieve back pain and tightness at home. Use these tips to get back to you.

Practice Good Posture

Poor posture can cause back pain, so it’s important to maintain a straight back throughout the day. Keep your head level with your pelvis, and don’t slouch your shoulders. Further, you should keep your head balanced with your chin forward.

Apply Heat and Cold

When applying hot or cold packs to your back, you should choose whichever feels best. Typically, ice will help with swelling and inflammation, while heat is better for relaxing stiff muscles.

Improve Back Strength

You may experience back pain due to inactivity. Improve back strength with yoga and other low-impact activities. Water aerobics are a popular way to improve back strength while having fun.

Pro Tip: Stretch often to prevent back pain. Take time throughout the day to move around so that your back doesn’t become stiff.

Get a Massage

A hands-on massage may improve back pain by targeting specific areas. If your pain is due to injury, massage may help improve the affected area. Further, you can relieve back pain caused by heavy activity, like sports exercise, with a massage. In between sessions, try a mini percussion massager, which you can use at home, the gym, or anywhere else.

Try Pain Relievers

Pain relievers for back pain come in pills and creams. You can apply creams directly to the affected area for instant relief. However, medications may take time to kick in, and you may need to keep taking them until you fully heal.

The best ways to relieve back pain and tightness at home are to practice good back exercises and self-care. Stretch and massage your back often to prevent pain, and use pain relievers and hot and cold packs as needed. In between professional massages, use a FLX FITT massage gun. Shop our online store to find yours today.