Athlete Care and Athlete Physiotherapy

Whether you want to add to your agility training or need equipment to help with your recovery, FLX FITT has the tools you need for athlete care or physiotherapy. Athletes’ bodies are put through so much day in and day out to perform at their best. This can cause their muscles to feel strained, pained, and tense; in those instances, our products can help keep their muscles relaxed, loose, and ready for the next day’s work. FLX FITT’s fabric-resistant workout bands help to stretch out the athlete’s muscles before or after workouts or even to utilize during agility training to strengthen those same muscles and increase your speed. All athletes must better prepare themselves for games, practices, trainings, and more.

Our massage guns perfectly ensure proper athlete care because they help break up the lactic acids that can build up in muscles after training. Both our massage guns and foam rollers work both before and after a workout to loosen and warm up the muscles while keeping them from cramping and causing strain on the athlete. The main benefit of using a massage gun for athlete physiotherapy is that you can achieve instant relief. You can easily carry FLX FITT’s massage guns with you wherever you go, so you can pull it out and use it no matter where you happen to go. This piece of equipment works well between massages or physical therapy treatments. Massage guns also increase your blood circulation and lymphatic system, which helps the body recover well. Whether you use them after your muscles are sore or before a workout to help prevent muscle tightness, our massage guns will keep your body primed and ready for each day you face. Everyone has to take care of their body—especially athletes. With our equipment, you can do just that.