Chiropractor Tools & Equipment

As a chiropractor, you must do everything you can to help ease pain from your clients and align their spines to improve overall health and posture. FLX FITT offers chiropractic tools and equipment to help make this possible. Whether you keep them in your office or offer them to your patients to utilize at home, FLX FITT has the tools and equipment you need. Specifically, our magnetic back brace posture corrector is a great tool to help your patients strengthen their posture and embark on the road to becoming pain free. Your patients can utilize the posture corrector between adjustments to help them maintain their spine alignment to mitigate pain and the possibility of moving their spine, neck, or hips out of the proper placements.

FLX FITT’s massage foam roller, Pro mini massage gun, and Pro2 massage gun are great tools to keep in your office. When you have a patient how has tense or injured muscles, these tools can help loosen the muscles and keep them relaxed during your patient’s recovery period and adjustments. These tools won’t fix their injuries, don’t help with tissue repair or injury prevention, and don’t speed up injury recovery, as the body recovers at its own speed. These tools will, however, help relieve stress, encourage relaxation, and ease some of the pain symptoms caused by muscular tension or tightness. Simply put, these chiropractic tools and equipment help with symptom management rather than healing or repair. Still, they can help relax your patient with gentle vibrations over the skin and muscles so that you can give them a proper adjustment and continue adjusting and fixing their posture.

Having these chiropractic tools and equipment in your office will ensure that you can provide optimal care for your patients and keep them on the path to recovery.