Industries We Serve

We are truly proud of the industries we serve, as well as the work they do! Our percussion massage devices and agility tools were designed with our clients in mind. Our massage guns, vibrating massage foam rollers, body stimulators, resistance bands, and magnetic back posture corrector are advantageous to several industries, including chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and athletes. The purpose of our tools is to alleviate back pain and sore muscles, while also strengthening and toning our muscles. The professionals in these industries constantly help those with sore backs and tight muscles, which is why our devices are the perfect fit.

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Due to the fact that a chiropractor’s main focus is helping individuals with the alignment of their spin, our products are very beneficial to their industry. For instance, our magnetic back brace posture corrector is a great tool to help their patients strengthen their posture and become pain-free.

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Physical Therapists

When we have back pain, we commonly turn to physical therapists for assistance; after all, their career is dedicated to helping improve the way their patients move and reducing pain.

Massage Therapists

Massage therapists always come to the rescue and know exactly where to apply pressure to alleviate pain. With the added advantage of our percussion massage guns, their clients will be even more satisfied with the results.


Athletes provide us with entertainment on the field and court but, sometimes, their muscles pay the price. Luckily, FLX FITT has created several devices that break up the lactic acids in their muscles. Our fabric resistant workout bands will stretch out one’s muscles before and after an intense workout. In addition, our resistance bands are great for agility training.

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