How To Use a Massage Gun for Recovery

FLXFITT’s Pro2 Massage Gun is just what you need to help your recovery time go more smoothly and ensure your muscles come down well from their activity. Massage guns promote blood flow to the specific muscle that you target, which can help reduce inflammation and muscle tension. This is key to keeping your muscles healthy. Here’s how to use a massage gun for recovery.

When you start using your massage gun, the process is actually very simple. You want to float along the specific muscle, about an inch away, for about 90 to 120 seconds per muscle. Remember, you are working the muscles—not the joints. The massage gun pulsates, which will transfer to your body. There is no need to push harshly against your muscles. The pulses will move back and forth across your muscles, which relaxes them and promotes blood flow. When you find a tight spot, a knot, or a trigger point (which you can identify by where it is painful) you’ll want to spend a little more time on that area to ensure that the muscle loosens and doesn’t cramp up and continue to cause you pain.

Remember to take your time with this! Using a massage gun should be relaxing and a good come-down from your workout. Workouts, no matter what kind, are rough on your body and the muscles. This is the time to allow your body to rest and heal. When you exercise, your body is in a heightened state; the purpose of the massage gun is to help your nervous system relax. Using a massage gun soon after rigorous movement sends signals to your parasympathetic nervous system that it is time to rest and relax, which shifts your body into recovery mode.

We hope this helps you understand not only how to use a massage gun for recovery but also why your body needs the recovery after workouts.